The Percussion Room is a website for percussionists, timpanists and anyone curious about the instruments and inner workings of an orchestra's percussion section.

The key features of The Percussion Room are currently:

  • Assignments: A crucial part of organizing a percussion section, the Assignments page is where you can look up compositions and find out what instruments are needed, how many percussionists and timpanists are required – or not required – and get part assignments, which are instructions about who should play what.
  • Auditions: A collection of audition lists from orchestras around the world. These are the actual lists—the job requirements—from orchestras that have, or had job openings. If you want a job playing in an orchestra, this is the music you need to know.
  • Dictionary: A dictionary/translator of percussion instruments, percussion terms and phrases found in the repertoire and some general musical terminology.

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