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The Percussion Room is now a pay site.

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While previewing the site, you will be able to look up a limited number of items on the Assignments, Auditions and Dictionary pages.

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PlanPer Year (CAD)Assignment ViewsAudition ViewsAudition DownloadsDictionary Lookups
Basic * $15.00 15 2 0 15
Bronze * $25.00 25 4 0 25
Silver * $35.00 35 6 0 35
Gold $45.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Preview Free 5 1 0 5

* The number of views, lookups or downloads you have will go up by 1 for every submission you make.

  • If you submit complete assignments for one movement or composition, you will get one more assignment lookup;
  • If you submit an audition list, you will get one more audition view;
  • If you submit a dictionary translation, definition, image, or audio, you will get one more dictionary lookup.

Applies to paid subscriptions.
Submissions must be approved and added to get the bonus.

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